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Friday, February 26, 2010

February SNOW

Cincinnati has had around 23 inches of snow this month!

That's record for us and I just read that we are suppose to get 1-2 inches overnight and another inch tomorrow!! Frankly I've had enough, I am ready for spring and camping!

Tomorrow is Scott's Birthday. We're going to the 2010 Cincinnati Car Expo and then to dinner. Joann and Shawn are coming home. They've been trying to get here for a few weeks but the snow has not been cooperating.

I purchased a new lens during the last snowstorm. A Nikkor 70-300mm VR! It is awesome. I took a few pics with it so far. The snowy post up there is one. I actually shot some pretty decent bird shots with it also. They are on my flickr page. The link is down there under the links..

And of course I took pictures of the animals. I think I have more pictures of the dogs and cats than anyone!

I tried to make this one of Tucker look like a painting. I am looking for the right technique and then I'm going to have one of him and Emma printed and framed.

Try to stay warm and dry!


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