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Thursday, August 12, 2010


Random House in Hidden Valley Lake, Indiana

I love houses!. I shot this a few years ago and then processed it in Photoshop.

Many years ago I applied for a job as a Real Estate Agent. It required me to go through a training program to learn the in's and out's. I didn't have the money. I wish I could have done it because I love love love houses!. I spend countless hours surfing Sibcy Cline looking and dreaming!

I've lived in three different houses and one apartment in my 52 (almost 3) years. The first was the house I grew up, 745 Memory Lane, Liberty Boro. What a great name for a street! My house was at the top of a hill and the street went around in a circle. No one came up the hill unless they lived there or were visiting someone. So it was like our own little world up there. The whole entire place was our playground! I had to sell it when my parent passed.. was a hard thing to do... The house number 745 stays with me.. I see that number ALL the Time...I often wondered why I kept seeing that number. It pops up when I look at the clock at times, or a license plate in front of me.. all different things.. I've decided that when I see that number, it's my Mom and Dad's way of telling me they are watching over me...may sound dumb.. but that's the way I feel.....

The second place I lived was the apartment after I got married. If memory serves me right (and most times it doesn't) it was 2326 Surrey Lane. Mt. Vernon Apartments in Elizabeth PA. We only lived there about 7 months, but it was fun!

Then we bought a house...Pike St. in Port Vue Pa. We totally remodeled it over the years. I loved what we did to it!.

Now I live in a house in Cleves Ohio with Scott, Tucker, Emma, Rudy, Furby and Spike. We've did a bit of remodeling, mainly the kitchen. It doesn't look like the one I posted here, but it's nice. It has a lot of character.

I have a dream house. I don't know if I'll ever have it.. but I keep hoping. It's a log story... with lots of windows, a fireplace, three bedrooms, a master suite..wrap around porch with part of it screened in....

maybe someday... if we hit the lottery!


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