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Monday, February 16, 2009


I thought it appropriate that my first entry into my new blog be accompanied by my first Sunset photo back in 2005 when I purchased my first DSLR. The Konica Minolta 5D. I researched and researched DSLR's then went and "held" and tried a few different ones. I felt at the time that the KM 5D was the best one for me.. not to mention it was pretty affordable.

Soon after my purchase, Konica Minolta went out of the camera business and Sony took over. Sony came out with their first DSLR. I've had a few Sony products in the past and was happy with them, so I purchased the a100 in 2006. I should have waited. It's a nice camera but pretty much the same as the KM 5D.

I actually didn't purchase a camera in 2007.. lol

Then in 2008 I made the switch.... over to NIKON.. with the D300, which I LOVE.

I know, I'm getting like Dennis. He is a coworker and friend.. I guess there are worse things in life than being compared to Dennis. He's an awesome Photographer as is b.schlake (aka bawb), another coworker and friend. I hope one day to be as good as they are.

well anyway, Scott uses the Sony now and I use the KM 5D at work to take photos of the machinery. So, I am done buying cameras...for awhile...*G*

until the next post...


  1. You can blog a million times of day, but if you're going to do that, you better start taking more pictures. I'm sure it will be fine. Get a Twitter account and you'll be good to go in the technological aid.

  2. Somehow getting something named Twitter just really sounds DIRTY


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