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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One Month

Well it's been a month today since we traveled to the lovely state of Indiana and picked up our new camper. We had to park it on Butch and Linda's lot at Brownings because our lot is not cleared off yet. The person who is camping on Lot #34 right now hasn't paid his rent for a year and a half. Sheesh.

The head honcho's of Brownings apparently told the man he needed to move his stuff (see photo above) off the lot. He hasn't as of yet. Now lets think about this for a moment. If you were behind on your rent and the 'landlord' told you repeatedly to pay but yet continued to let you stay there for free... and then comes and tells you that you need to move since you haven't paid...... why would you move? They've done nothing in a year and a half to make you pay up, so why on earth would they think you'd move all your stuff off the lot. They need to give him a week to get it off and if he doesn't.. move it off FOR him. Sheesh come on people!

We've been paying for this lot for over a month (since January 10th) and can't use it. It's getting old.. I know it's not camping season yet, but I want to get the lot prepared and get the camper on it where it's going to sit BEFORE CAMPING SEASON STARTS.....

I guess we are just going to have to be a pain in the posterior and keep calling and complaining....

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