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Monday, February 23, 2009

The smell...

of a campfire is closer in our future!. I called the campground last night and was told that the camper that is on our lot is being pulled off today!!

It's about freakin' time too. So.. pretty soon we'll be sitting around the ol' campfire drinkin' margarita's.. lol

Actually we have alot to do. We need to prepare the lot, then move our camper onto it, then build a shed, paint it, put up a doggie fence for the pooches. If they leave the deck we'll have to level it, rip off the roof and put up a new one, then paint it from that hideous orange color to the nice gray we bought that will match the shed.

So I guess the fires will come late at night after all the work is done....hopefully by the end of summer, it will be done and we can enjoy!...


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