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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tent on Wheels...

We went to camp yesterday to finish up a few things like the back gate and removing the old wood from the roof of the deck from the yard, so we'd be ready to camp next weekend.. The first time in our NEW camper..
Well then we find out that our electric service had to be shut off because the box on the pole was smoking and a neighbor camper went and alerted the guy who runs the place..... He said the whole inside of the box was melted so he called REMC and had the service shut off... He said he is going to put a new box in with a new 50 amp breaker on the pole, and put a new box on the pole where we plug the shore line in from the camper. He also said he will move the box AWAY from our camper (right now it sits directly behind the back door so you can't open it). He promised to move this pole before and never did..He said that no damage was done to the camper and although we can't be sure until we HAVE electric again.. I tend to believe him.. because even though the box melted, it did not trip the breaker on the box nor did it trip any breaker inside the camper... It is hard to explain the set up that is there.. guess you would have to see if first hand to understand..
All I know is we have a TENT ON WHEELS.. because we have no electric... They MIGHT come to fix the 12 amp system next Saturday.. yes.. I know.. you are thinking IT IS MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND.. and yes WE WANT TO CAMP.. well we are going to camp... we are not going to let a little thing like ELECTRICITY stop us!.
If we have the 110 back up and they don't get there to fix the 12 volt... we will just plug regular lights into the outlets....the water is a bit of a problem though.. We have a holding tank so we can use water via gallon jugs....the shower is a diffent story because of course the pump and water heater are run by 12 volt... We will just take showers at Scotts Mom and Dads. Cooking is no problem ... we have a charcole grill....

so.. off to camp Thursday afterwork (vacation day Friday) until Monday.....

Time fly's when yer drinkin' RUM!!


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