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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Cincinnati Bell’s high speed internet is Zoomtown.. it’s DSL.

Well if you were thinking about getting it, DON’T!! It sucks. When they first offered it here in Cleves, we were so excited! For awhile it was good.. then about 2 months ago we noticed it getting a bit slower… didn’t think too much about it. It progressively got WORSE!

First we returned the 10 year old modem to the store, thinking that was the problem..but NOPE.

Scott called them a few times after doing numerous speed tests on Zoomtowns website. We were getting less than 1 megabyte per second (mbps) download speed. The upload speed was fine. So they suggested we unplugged the router (we have a network) and ran the internet straight into his computer. Still under 1 mbps. We should be getting 5mbps. They finally said that they saw Data loss on our connection and they would get back to us the next day. We waited a few days and nothing.

We are now signed up to get Time Warner Roadrunner. They come on Wednesday of next week. We are switching the phone to them too from Cincinnati Bell. We are supposed to be getting a download speed of 15 mbps! YAY! I can’t wait!

We got home from work tonight and got online and our download speed (via the zoomtown speed tests) range from 60.1 kbps to 84 kbps!.. WHAT the HELL is that Cincinnati Bell???????

I am so glad we are getting rid of them!...

I will let you know how Roadrunner is next week..


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