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I decided to change my blog!

This is a “how to” for people who want to learn the basics of Photography.

I’ll be creating “exercises” that you can follow along with and post here for others, along with myself to critique.

I will start off on a weekly basis and we’ll see how that goes.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I love taking photos, but more than that, I love processing them in Photoshop. So I thought I'd try some textures. I found some FREE Textures created by Kim Klassen.

Kim is holding a challenge right now for Texture Tuesdays! One of the rules is you need to use her Serendipity texture. I also used her Silence texture.

I shot the photo last year at the Franklin Park conservatory in Columbus Ohio. I always shoot in RAW.

I did some editing in Lightroom 3 then applied  Kim's two textures and a frame in Photoshop CS4. So here is my entry. Let me know what you think, and go check out her site!




  1. Very, very nice. I can tell that you are having a lot of fun! Aren't Kim's textures just the bomb? Thanks for sharing your process!
    Happy Tues.

  2. gorgeous work!!
    so glad I found your blog - it is BEAUIFUL!!!

  3. The lovely rose photo is really enhanced by the added texture


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