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Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Cats...

Well last night we introduced Rudy (that's him over there) and Furby to the newest addition to the feline family.... Spike.

Spike was excited to get out of the living room and explore the rest of the house. Rudy growled and hissed at Spike every time he looked Rudy's way. Furby stayed in the bedroom most of the time, until Spike ventured in there... I think Furbs hissed once or twice but that was it.

All in all it was a much better experience than I had anticipated.

We are still keeping Spike in the living room while we are not at home, until they all get used to each other.

Tonight we introduce Spike to the dogs.......oh joy I can't wait.... There may be alcohol involved tonight...

wish us luck....



  1. Good Luck, I heard the dogs love the new cat.

  2. love to eat him.. we went out last night.. so we weren't here much.. but tonight was worse than any so far.. dang Tucker would not be still and leave him alone, poor spike spent the evening in the room alone due to Tucker.. Emma is fine with him tonight.. Rudy and Furby are still growling/hissing, but then leave him be...

    I have had it with animals tonight...


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