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Monday, April 27, 2009

Vacation Day

We took a vacation day from work last Friday and worked at the camper. We finished painting the deck.. then installed the railing around it, put on the hand rail and constructed the steps. It was a very productive weekend and a very HOT one too....I think the camper looks great with the deck fixed up!... We also put some furniture together and pulled the awning out for the first time. We actually got to sit on the deck and enjoy ourselves. Butch and Linda were there and our neighbors Jamie and Mary stopped over for a visit. Jamie is helping out with the shed. We paid him to put the roof on and he's doing some odds and ends with it that needed done.

All that is left to do (well major stuff) is put the fence up for the puppies. We did discover that the 12 volt converter isn't working. How nice.. we have power in the outlets, a/c and microwave, from the 110 coming in, but nothing else. No fridge, no lights and no pump.. and the pump we need to de-winterize... the way it works is.. the 110 comes into the camper and the converter converts it to 12 volt for the fridge, stereo, lights and pump...

We were also informed that the water situation at Brownings SUCKS... when everyone is there on the weekends, there is no water. I'm glad someone told us before we discovered it for ourselves. Seems people fill up there holding tanks so they can shower and cook... and the reason for this is they keep adding more sites and the water main that comes into the campground is not nearly big enough....

You pay a yearly fee, which is by no means cheap!... you would think that they would use SOME of that money to IMPROVE things in the campground.. LIKE THE WATER!...

Our goal is to have the fence up for the dogs within the next 2 weeks. If they get the booth in from the Manufacturer, and the converter is in stock and Rams Service get down to fix it.. we might.. just might.. just maybe.. p0ssibly..... CAMP IN OUR CAMPER!!!

I'll believe it when I see it.....


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